Akay Bilmez - The.Elvtd.Mind

Akay Bilmez (the.elvtd.mind) considers himself a portrait and 3D artist who works and creates in Stuttgart, Germany. Elvtd is short for elevated. Over the past few years, he taught himself a lot about mindset growth and personal fulfilment. Because of that, Akay learned to look at things from a different perspective and that's what he wants to express with his artwork.
R&B, HipHop, and music in general are a big inspiration for Akay’s art, which also consists of a combination between digital and natural elements. With the fusion of these two opposite elements, he wants to achieve a bizarre and surreal effect which should inspire the viewer’s own creativity and thoughts. Akay’s artwork shares the mood, playing with the viewer's thoughts and unconscious imagination.
The beauty of digital art is it has no limits or rules, and there are infinite possibilities for how to create a piece of artwork. Akay takes various elements from different pictures and brings them together through compositing in Photoshop, combining techniques of coloring, tinting, and blending, as well as effects such as glitches, pixels, or tingling.