Aviad Sajevitch

Aviad Sajevitch is an Israeli painter and illustrator, drawing with digital tools using a Wacom tablet. Sajevitch graduated (2017) from Shenkar College of Engineering and Design, after his final project  "Salon of Celebs" series became popular in Israeli media.
Aviad Sajevitch is known for his illustration work for book and music covers, magazines, digital family portraits and his own digital paintings. 
Aviad creates his images through an emerging art form called “Digital Painting”.This technique applies traditional techniques including watercolor, oils, and impasto using digital tools: a computer, tablet, stylus, and software. 

The main difference between digital and traditional painting is the non-linear process. That is, an artist can often arrange his painting in layers that can be edited independently. Also, the ability to undo and redo strokes frees the artist from a linear process.
In his paintings, Aviad is constantly inspired by the rich and classical periods in culture and art, so the viewers understand the precision and glorification of the anatomical body, the environment, fashion and in fact every detail inspired by the Baroque, Renaissance and Neoclassicism movements.
Aviad Sajevitch works are shown in group and solo exhibits