Elinor Salomon


Elinor Salomon, born in 1987, is an interdisciplinary artist from Tel Aviv, Israel, and she is currently based in Amsterdam. Her art is based on the digital world of existence, and she is particularly interested in multilingual typography, the internet, archives, movement, and nature.
In her works, Salomon focuses on the user's visibility on the Web and the gap between the way our online and physical existences are perceived from the outside in view of current technological advancements.
“We spend most of our time in front of screens,” Elinor Salomon says. She takes a look at the internet and how we live our digital lives, and she plays with both online and offline worlds. Her time on the computer as work and pleasure and on the screen is a space where it all comes together. Her most recent 3D-rendered video reflects on how screen time can affect our bodies, productivity, and the way we use the internet. The internet gives Salomon a space to create without the restraints of physical materials and possessions of objects.
Salomon also organizes special artistic events on digital culture and art and has co-curated “Screen Reality for Dreams,” which is focused on new media and digital art. She received a scholarship for academic excellence and has been awarded the prestigious America-Israel Foundation's grant for young artists.
Salomon graduated from Hamidrasha Faculty of Art, Beit Berl College, Israel in fine art and education study.