Flow by Flora .G

"I create because I feel the urge to. I'm not sure if I would say it's therapeutic or just food for the soul, but I definitely create for myself first, before others.”
There's no other place Flora would rather be than sitting in front of the canvas. It makes her feel and sense; it makes her be.
Flow is a nomadic soul. Having lived on different continents and being on the move practically non-stop since age 18, she constantly has this thirst for novelty, travel, and for the amazement that we all feel when we're backpacking in foreign lands.
Creating surreal pieces fills this thirst. It metaphorically and quite literally "takes her" somewhere else, to where she can paint her own surroundings and invent a world in which she gets to live and embrace during the time of creation. Escapism is certainly part of the process, combined with a desire to completely submerge oneself in something magnetic and otherworldly.
“We are an impossibility in an impossible universe." Ray Bradbury
 Flora Ghnassia is a Franco Israeli graphic designer and artist who graduated from Shenkar in 2015. Her art is surreal, poetic, and usually centered around the human form, which she finds captivating. Her method is a combination of photo collages and digital illustrations. Outside of the strictly "art for art" world, she is a freelance graphic and motion designer.