Francesco Flore

Francesco Flore is an architect and digital artist from Avellino in Italy. His interest in recreating spaces like rooms or landscapes is about achieving a new atmosphere, a place to escape to and get rest, and the perfect environment for imagination.
Bruce Lee said, “Be water, my friends.” This expresses the importance of being shapeless and respects the constraints that we can often feel in our work or life. It is a famous citation for martial artists, but meaningful in the design and art world. Following this idea, Francesco likes to play with apparently chaotic orders like fractals, movements of the fluids, and mixing architectural elements to create his art projects.
His creation process starts on a paper, like architectural work, then a song, a book, or a night trip in a car adds its own vibes, which becomes a 3D model that brings to life his idea.
The fact you can see your concepts come alive in 3-4D is uniquely used by digital artists, like the must in wine, and like a glass of wine, Francesco wishes people would enjoy his art and break out for a moment.