Franziska & Miriam Knupper - CRICRI

Franziska & Miriam Knupper are sisters and multimedia artists from Germany with a consistent passion for photography and - strangely enough - duct tape. 
Miriam studied Design and Photography at the Art School of Düsseldorf; Franziska gained her degree at the University of Arts in Berlin. Together, they create thought-provoking and stunning images that they promote under the brand CRICRI, originally having been the name of their mother´s fashion boutique in Hamburg´s wild 1970s era. 
Miriam & Franziska´s style can be described as surrealistic yet it remains calm, orderly, and minimalistic. They describe every image as a step-by-step journey from the actual pose and the photoshoot to the final digital illusion. Franziska´s dedication to yoga has been very influential when examining physical movement while it is Miriam's tech-savviness as a creative director that eventually shapes the piece. 
“In order to play with the human body, we throw ourselves into experimenting with poses, angles, and tools such as tape, mirrors, reflectors, or line. What follows afterward is a big brainstorming session - what point do we want to make? And how do we keep the balance between the obscure and the beautiful?” 
 According to the two sisters, the virtual art sphere allows them to constantly challenge and break borders: "Everything is possible here and there is still massive room for new, fresh references". Nevertheless, they recall to have been heavily influenced by artists such as Yung Cheng Lin, Visan Stefan, or Loucrow: "They have given us big input when it comes to the female body. Also, Benoit Paille is amazing in his coloring and Shaylin Wallace is a master of contemporary surrealism".
 On top of that, the digital medium has proven itself to be quite beneficial as both of them constantly set out to move across and all over the globe: Even though they have lived apart for a long while, it has allowed them to keep creating together.
CRICRI exhibits in galleries and cultural spaces in Berlin, Cologne, and Tel Aviv.