Gal Gerber

Gal gerber Is a 3D artist and Interior designer from Israel, lives and works in Tel Aviv.
His art is a combination of his favorite creations: architecture, interior design and digital 3D tools.
Those imaginary environments and interior apocalyptic spaces are the main subjects in Gal’s artworks and they reflect his dreams, passions and desires.
The work process and style is completely intuitive, starting with a flash of inspiration or a personal memory, without any idea where it will take him and what will be produced. 
Gal is influenced by surrealist and imaginary art architects and designers, He uses his architectural knowledge with a variety of 3D softwares and graphic programs and tools to create his digital art. 
Gal’s monochromatic spaces are peaceful, just by looking they succeed to supply a quiet place . From another side it can also be a frame from a good Thriller Movies, something unexpected will appear in a second.
I do not expect the viewer to try to understand my story or where it comes from, I expect him to look at the artwork from an immediate emotional and intuitive place and then travel the world of the artwork and build his own story according to his personal interpretation. “
Gal gerber is the owner of an interior design studio and 3d simulation services, he licensed instructor on behalf of Global Chaos Group and next to his creation he focuses on the design and planning of commercial spaces and residential spaces. Gal provides diverse and unique design solutions that are updated according to leading design trends.