Itamar Makover

Itamar Makover, born in 1987, is an illustrator and graphic designer from Tel-Aviv, Israel. His style draws inspiration from surrealist and psychedelic art, and his creative process is an exploration of subconscious symbolism. He has worked for magazines, brands, music venues, and artists. 
Itamar’s illustrations and artistic creations are abstract or fragmented stories rooted in symbolic and associative connections of his personal philosophy and inner world.
Dreams, mythology, music, science, and philosophy are the things that get him inspired. He is also influenced by New Age and 80s Airbrush art alongside contemporary artists like Robert Beatty, Patrick Savile, Sophy Hollington, Keith Rankin, Casey Gray, Max Loeffler, Dexter Maurer, Viktor Hachmang, and Braulio Amado.
Itamar uses a mix of hand-drawn (scanned drawings) and vector shapes (illustrator) and adds color and texture in Photoshop. Most of the time, Itamar draws using the mouse and never uses a graphic pen (Wacom). He enjoys the fact that the process allows you to try a lot of different variations and keep looking for the right solution. For Itamar, it's more like research into an idea than a process of executing an idea.
Itamar wishes his works to be intriguing, to make people curious. He hopes some of the symbols invoke a deeper emotional or mental response. If someone really connects with the work, they will find a story behind it, their own interpretation of the symbols he put together.
Itamar Makover studied Visual Communication Design at Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem.