Jennifer Absira

Jennifer Absira, an Israeli artist, was born in Monsey, a pastoral suburb near Paris, France.
She lives and creates on the line of Tel-Aviv-Paris-London and defines herself as an Image creator more than a “photographer”.
Jennifer’s art is a result of very impulsive actions, of daily and endless processes. Her life is a creation so that her home and in fact her entire environment are used by her as a studio that constantly changes which then gives her creative freedom.
Jennifer sees the Instagram platform as a studio space, she categorizes her life as hashtags she invents and has been dispersing around the media since 2012. Each hashtag has a story and that is how the continuous project is created - everyone together constitutes the way in which Jennifer categorizes her life through photography.
As opposed to most artists who create in their studio and publish their creations on Instagram - for her, Instagram itself is her working platform. Her work series is titled #ElastiqueProject
Mostly incorporating her filmed object which is near an existing image from the internet or books. This series was created out of the complete loss of interest in pure photography as a tool of expression - a tool is made of two images making the hierarchy between them less important (meaning which image of who) which makes the relations between the 2 images dominant and so the creation is born.
“Old” movie films, collection of art, and architecture books:  the book (as an object that can be collected) or music (which is always present) are Jennifer Abrisa’s main sources of inspiration, which also explains her academic studies of general history and french literature along with art studies.
“My brain needs movies since it is the most beautiful escape I find from the routine of everyday life which can pull you into it. I am in love with the endless hours I spent in front of films in which my brain floats from one place to the other and there I experience the deepest encounter with myself.”
Robert Bresson, one of Jennifer’s favorite filmmakers once said “I would prefer that people feel the movie before understanding it.”
Her art, driven from a feeling of complexity of artistic approaches which change with mood swings, according to the time period, rhythm, and change is the source of Jennifer’s artistic approach, however, two main pillars have been accompanying her for many years: 

It Takes Time To Become Young + Take your pleasures seriously
As a digital artist, Jennifer testifies that she is the most low-tech, her art exists on Instagram and she creates through her (rather simple) cell phone, which enables instantaneousness that goes hand in hand with impulsivity, in her own unique way she communicates in this matter with “Life on the Planet” and that is how the magic of touching people’s heart is created.