Joseph Betsalel - NADA

Joseph Betsalel is a Multidisciplinary Artist, from Venezuela, based in Tel-Aviv, Israel. He is a Painter, Videographer, and Surrealist Digital Collage. In his art, Joseph creates manipulation while mixes different photos and media through the negative spaces in order to create new perspectives and meanings. 
Joseph gets inspiration from nature, kabbalah, and movies. His mentors are from both sides: the artistic one, his academy teacher (Avi Eisenstein, Bezalel), and his Kabbalah mentor (Shaul Youdkevitch).
Thanks to new media tools and following his immediate inspiration, the conceptualization of the idea always starts on mobile devices while traveling or just without wasting time, this is the 21-century sketchbook.
Joseph Betsalel calls himself NADA  (nothing in Spanish) because he believes all great ideas come from the infinite space of nothingness, where there are no limitations, and we are the connection between this world and the world of imagination.
NADA uses Digital Collage, Compositing, 3D, Editing, and photography/video to create digital art. Unlike a classic painting for him the encounter between the digital world and the real world allows the imagination to transcend and create new realities. Digital art allows for multidimensional aesthetic and unpredictable creation.
Joseph Betsalel believes that “Everybody has an inner creative light that comes from his unique existence, and it manifests through his gifts and passions”
when people see NADA’s art, he wants them to feel Free and inspired
Joseph Betsalel studied Visual Communication at Bezalel Academy of Art & Design in Jerusalem.
He exhibited his art at group exhibitions in Israel.