Kaoru Tanaka

Kaoru Tanaka is a designer and artist from Osaka, Japan who uses TouchDesigner and a few more 3D and 4D digital tools to create installations, videos, wall art, and real-time interactive works. Through repeated experimentation and repetition, she visualizes the behavior of feeling the life force through instantaneous visual feedback in her unique worldview.
Kaoru finds dreams and nature in her everyday life as her inspiration, alongside her professional inspiration by visionary designer and technologist John Maeda, who defines the fundamental laws of how computers think, and why you should care even if you aren’t a programmer. Kaoru is mostly interested in the place between the mechanical nature created by computer programming and the organic nature of humans and the natural world.
“I want to put the seemingly opposites of order and chaos in the same place. The beauty, excitement, curiosity, and fun in ordinary life.”