Kfir Ziv

Kfir Ziv is a virtuoso photographer and one of the top commercial and editorial talents in Israel. He also touts an international professional reputation from over 25 years in the biz. His work, while complex in technique, maintains a minimalist, clean, and energetic aesthetic. 
Kfir's unique photography combines extraordinary technical excellence with conceptual creativity, often influenced by his optimism and positive outlook. His sensitivity to his environment and whatever is happening around him: light, sound and reflections allow him to channel imagination into the creative process. The study of the world underwater is a natural inspiration for Kfir and a theme that is expressed throughout his works.
The son of Lawrence Ziv, a prominent architect and an early pioneer in Israel’s art and fashion scene, Kfir was steeped in a childhood of aesthetics, creativity and attention to detail that bred the character of the artist he is today. 
With roots in classic film photography, Kfir has pioneered the path and set the level for modern digital photography today. Through early mastery of the equipment and digital techniques, many which he invented, Kfir wields a powerful control of the medium. He is best known for executing pristine graphic worlds.
The thrill of seeing the moment captured instantly - this is what excites Kfkr the most about the digital medium.
Kfir Ziv is strongly influenced and inspired by master photographers Irving Penn and Robert Maplethorpe along with the Renaissance period of painting and sculpture. Nevertheless, his creative process is spontaneous - straight from the gut and subconscious typically captured while listening to some great tunes. 
"I want to create for my viewer a sense of disconnection from the time they are in. It's important for me to produce a kind of a surprise mixed with joy."
Kfir is known for collaborating with the global brands and Fortune 500 companies both in Israel and the United States. In 2006 he opened KZNY Studios in New York catapulting his path as sought-after photographer and creative visionary who provides complete creative and branding solutions to the likes of Calvin Klein, Clinique, L’Oreal, Lacoste, Shiseido, Canon, Facebook, Google, Heineken and more.
In 2010 he returned to Israel to open his South Tel Aviv studio where he continues to collaborate with world class brands and advertising agencies like: Castro, Sabon, Soda Stream, AHAVA and more.
Kfir Ziv's fine art has shown in several international exhibitions, including Art Basel Miami. He’s also been published in The New York Times, Elle Décor, People, Playboy, New York Magazine, Time Out, US New & World Report and more.
Kfir Ziv’s served in the IDF as a chief photographer for Bamachane Magazine. He studied photography and visual arts while attending Wizo Tzarfat, New York’s School of Visual Art and the Fashion Institute of Technology. .