Liliana Caycedo

Liliana Caycedo is a visual multidisciplinary artist who lives and works in Colombia. Lili focuses on the digital-world medium. Back in her youth, Lili started as a painter. Later on, in her academic process about 15 years ago, she started experimenting with digital images, video, and performance. Liliana’s art is very eclectic and colorful and is based on glitchy and digital tools. As a painter, her interest is in the relationship between image and text, and the subtext that is involved in this kind of articulation.   
Liliana’s artistic approach is about memory and time on digital platforms based on her research in cyberculture. The process of constructing every piece of art is based on a collected set of materials such as archives, files, and data from her memories, and discovering symbolic impressions of our lives, which is a manner of hacking the system in an inverted and “analog” way. With these elements, she produces a kind of disruptive symbiotic image layer by layer using digital apps with her memories.
The inspiration for Liliana’s creations comes mostly as a dialogic relationship between text and image, based on her everyday life, the feeling of being present, breathing, and approaching bad and good things as complementary boundaries.
Liliana uses all the digital tools and apps she finds interest in. As a teacher and also as an artist, she is most curious about the various techniques, always searching for new possibilities to create with data and digital tools.
In digital art, Lili loves the feeling of doing and learning at the same time, for her digital art is like a magic cause without understanding how it works, and you succeed to get a creative result. In digital art, many times it feels like in the “Mad Professor” lab, while at the same time, it’s always a question about machine learning and a certain path it has to handle to find an answer, is a certain activity that involves a challenge and playtime at the same time.
“When looking at my art, I want to confront people, to let them ask about their own lives, and also to share feelings. I think my art can be a link between myself and others; art is a language and a way of talking and engaging sensibly.”
Liliana Caycedo is a professional VJ for music art festivals and events. She has been working as a college professor in some of Colombia’s universities since 2004. Liliana exhibits her artwork in museums, galleries, events, festivals, and nowadays on social media, collaborating with other kinds of artists such as musicians, now mostly in Europe.