Limor Tamir

Limor Tamir, a multidisciplinary artist working with crafts, sculpting, drawing, manual and digital drafting, printing, photography, and video art, lives and creates her art in Israel. Her works have always dealt and have been related to people, dealing with the margins of life and perhaps life itself, with harmony facing what is twisted and broken. She researches the gap between the laborious and sedentary surviving everyday life, and the passion to create, take pleasure, life and be, and the urge for life itself facing a death drive: Eros facing Thanatos.
Today, Tamir focuses on abstract figurative drawing out of which arise questions about consumption, cravings, redundancy, sexuality, boredom, pain, routine, and livelihood. The grotesque characters listed on the varied surfaces are a sort of a social current and personal portrait. They express ambivalent relations of sarcasm and mockery diluted with solidarity and compassion, saturated with color, and hold constant tension between the beautiful and the ugly which is probably drawn from our observation of the life in Israel but certainly also from the life in Panama, South-America, where she lived for many years in relocation.
Life and creation for Limor have always been considered as one, similar to the relations of inhaling and exhaling. This inseparability and lack of hierarchy is expressed in her works through visual illustration with background and imaging which merge into each other, multiple textures, shapes, and details which turn in her hands to one harmonic block similar to the world of Gustav Klimt and Matisse, in which the artist made beauty out of the broke. This is also felt in Tamir’s works, along with artists such as Louise Bourgeois and Marina Abramovich’s breakthroughs which have always inspired Tamir with great passion - the digging of the soul and the need for silence which becomes the creation.
The digital creation has opened endless possibilities inside Tamir’s varied artistic world, outcomes of decomposition and composition at the end of which are new creations that couldn’t have been created in any other way. The digital tools are the “drawing” tools with which the unique creation was made, the puzzle pieces which compose Tamir’s digital drawings are the result of small derivatives from her own world, oil and acrylic paintings, sketches and drawings, engraving prints and silk which were photographed or scanned and during a digital trim have become molecules which compose the new material.

Limor Tamir is a graduate of multidisciplinary art and Chinese medicine studies and has constructed large space-adapted installations situated in abandoned and charged spaces in Israel as she connects art to society. She also presents her works in galleries in Israel and around the world.