María Carmesi by Martina Marchionni

Martina Marchionni, whose artistic name is María Carmesi, was born in Argentina in the province of Mendoza, and she lives and works in Barcelona. She is a multi-disciplinary and transgressive artist, and her favorite techniques are oil from one side, since she can create a very wide palette of colors, and digital collage from the other side, since she can distort reality, which is boring.
What does María Carmesi mean?
María is her middle name and Carmesi because it is a color that reflects a lot of energy, positivity, and joy.
Her digital are collages based on her knowledge in muralism, oil paintings, and collage on paper. This experience allows María Carmesi today to capture her dream, which is a distorted reality, where sarcasm exists but in an exaggerated way and at the same time is creative and funny. 
María Carmesi’s art is colorful, surreal, and valiant. Her artistic approach as the Buddhist way of life is based on reciprocity and constant change. The outside life and the street inspire her, with a critical point of view and an artistic vision for Martina. For María Carmesi, any daily scenario is art and things out of the ordinary. Getting lost in the streets of Barcelona's Gothic Quarter is one of her favorite things to do. She might see a homeless person sleeping outside of Fendi on Paseo de Gracia, seeing someone in the subway dressed extravagantly, people who really do what they want no matter what anyone says or thinks, a person who combines stripes and squares, graffiti statues, and more.
Mixing epochs, religions, or social levels and being able to create a completely unreal reality where everything is possible is what inspired María Carmesi in the digital art technique. She likes to play with the overlays, draw on the images, and color retouch so that it is noticeable as little as possible that it is a cropped and pasted image.
“I would like that every time people see my work, they enter that unreality that sometimes is necessary because reality sucks.”
Martina Marchionni began her career when she was in her youth, after studying design or visual arts three times in three different universities. Martina understood that she must do that in her own way, and as in her youth till today, she continues studying by taking different private classes. María Carmesi exhibits her art around Barcelona and the digital art space.