Mark Constantine Inducil


Mark Constantine Inducil is a digital visual artist who creates under abstract, realism, and surrealism artistic styles. With his Philippines roots, he is an Australian-based artist.
With a background in graphic design and filmmaking, Mark uses shapes, shadows, and colours to try and express his thoughts and feelings. Mark is inspired by cinema, philosophy, and psychology. The human element in his work usually represents Mark's psyche and, as he surrounds it with creation of abstraction, it leaves him with a kind of dreamscape that hopefully captures and represents something deep within himself.
Cinema 4D, Octane Renderer, and Photoshop are his art tools.
“What I love most in digital art is its versatility. Every artist can use it in so many different, surprisingly wonderful ways. It would be great if people felt like they were transported into a dream when they look at my work. I hope that it speaks to them on a personal level; to have their own interpretations.”
Mark Constantine Inducil studied graphic design at the Billy Blue College of Design (Sydney, Australia) and Film at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (Melbourne, Australia); his focus nowadays is on his works of art.