Markus Kanzler Marterium

Markus Kanzler, the artist behind Marterium, is a 3D artist from Germany creating virtual designs and digital art. Markus focuses on abstract shapes and unique gradient color combinations. He thinks of his art as an endless process of improvement, as each piece explores a new technique or improves something he did before.
Markus guides himself with the focus on one or two techniques per composition and lets the rest happen on its own. Many times, his designs are focused around one centered shape that is always the main player in his composition. Most important for him is to evoke emotions while looking at the artwork.
Markus was inspired by artists who were the main reason for himself to start to create and do art. Rik Oostenbroek is probably his biggest influence in terms of using colours and shapes to create visually pleasing images, alongside Roman Bratschi, Peter Tarka, or Morten Lasskogen.
Markus looks for inspiration daily on Instagram, Behance, or Pinterest. His main focus is to improve on techniques, while trying to achieve the best possible quality for his work. One of his main goals is exploring interesting possibilities to use new techniques in abstract art, sometimes in a completely different way, to create beautiful compositions and unique art on a daily basis. Walking his dog and getting some great colour ideas from nature or just noticing something unique on the streets is also one of his daily inspiration routines.
The tools to create digital art are ever evolving, and every year brushes get an update. For Markus it's the most exciting thing. Cinema 4D and Photoshop are the main tools for Marterium‘s creations, alongside After Effects or plugins like Octane and X-Particles.