Maya Pery

"I have always been fascinated by all creatures walking on this planet and the way they’re all the same… same, but different. ​When I create my art, I try to catch that secret, powerful ingredient of life - a fragile moment when intimate familiarity and desire are born, when portraits and imaginary creatures can come to life, touching our souls with exhilaration and laughter.
I live in one of the most uniquely colorful, culturally-diverse and busy cities in the world. In the city, we all must be serious and controlled - go to work or school, act like adults, do what we should do… but, in my eyes, deep down, we’re all just like animals closed in a cage, beautiful creatures who want to break free. I wish we could all feel free to release that bizarre animal we have inside and make room for all the others.
​What animal are you hiding inside?​"
Maya Pery is an artist and a designer based in Tel-Aviv. Maya studied art and design at Pratt Institute in NY and in Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem. She creates her art prints using an original innovative technique that combines delicate handcraft and meticulous digital painting.