Maya Smira

Maya Smira is an award winning multidisciplinary artist from Israel, who uses time based media, photography, installation and performance. 
Maya likes to think of her art as a stimulating multisensory experience.
Maya is most affected by the happenings in the real world :People, places, experiences like her constant travels around the world inspire her while Her creative process is deeply involved in global & interpersonal issues and events.
As a traveling artist, the physical space allows Maya to express new aspects of herself, while also talking about questions of society and environment. This mix is taking place also in her multiple mediums artworks, all based on new media tools which also gives Maya the ability to travel and create wherever she goes, she is an artist who lives the digital era.
“I want my viewers to experience, feel, and think, rather than just see the work. I want them to connect.” say’s Maya about how she would like people to feel her art.
Maya’s artworks have been shown in museums, galleries & festivals around the world, including Times Square, San Francisco Art Institute tower projection, Santa Cruz Museum, The Israel Museum, Art Bazel and many more.  
Maya obtained a BA in Arts and Humanities, and a BFA in photography in Tel-Aviv.
In 2014 she received an MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute New Genres department, along with the Ella King Torrey Award. In 2016 she received The Outset Foundation Award for best video artist at the Fresh Paint Contemporary Art Fair in Tel-Aviv.