Natasha Zeriker

Natasha Zeriker, an artist/photographer from Tel Aviv, works and creates worldwide. She is a photographer of people, spaces, and of the relationship between them. Her current focus is on nature and transformation.
She believes the complex place she comes from brings her a possibility to look at what exists from a different point of view. Natasha intends to perceive reality in a more fascinating and stimulating way, and to make people think about their own life and approach to it.
“Light, movement, and silhouette, body language, hair, and shapes in nature. All this gets me inspired.”
Working in the field of photography, Natasha encouraged the classics methods with a digital approach based on technology which allows everyone today to create perfect photos. Based on this point, Natasha takes her art to explore the boundaries and uses digital camera tools to create a classic old handprint mark language of her own, and to create the feeling of the line between painting and photography.
Natasha’s main tool is light—she likes to start with darkness and then add light—also in nature, she searches for deep tones in order to find new shapes where a shape catches the light. She also likes black and white and also vivid colors inspired by nature at night.
As part of this approach, Natasha sometimes uses negative as an effect—it can be while shooting or at post-production, then she uses colors as highlights. Sølve Sundsbø, Txema Yeste, and Mert Alas are nowadays artists which combine photography, art, and fashion, influence Natasha’s art, and determine her unique way of thinking, together with up-to-date big creators.

“Looking at my art, I want people to open a new perspective for them, and make their minds more flexible.”

Natasha Zeriker works as a photographer alongside art direction and filming. Her works move between the fashion and music fields, her productions have been published at most big magazines (L'officiel NL, L'officiel Arabia, Kultblut, Venom, and more), and she works with big fashion, music, and production companies worldwide (Giorgio Armani, Moncler X, Âme Jewelry, Kurt Markus, DANAMÉ Paris, H. Stern, Padani, Ron Kedmi, and more).