Nir Adoni

Nir Adoni born, lives, and is active in Tel-Aviv.
Nir Adoni focuses on the creation of objects and space installations using mixed techniques in which the light serves him as material and the two-dimensional outcomes constitute for him a discovery through which he decomposes and re-composes that which ends up being an art creation. The game of experimentation and research for his three-dimensional creation has created a digital work body that shifts between computer work and working with different materials in the studio. Thanks to the combination of those two works the magic of Nir Adoni’s final work is created through multiple mediums.

Inside the artwork, Nir is now on the scale between the digital medium and the material world - of sculpting and installation, of contemporary art. His works are now in the border between an almost flat - digital image to a concrete object.All while being clearly influenced by the world of architecture along with sound, light, history, industrial areas, shipyards and sea, or images from nature.

A large part of Nir Adoni’s artistic activity is understanding the space in which he operates, meaning understanding the artificial, cultural, historical, and real-estate of the space and of the changes around it, fluctuations and global upheavals and creating images which directly refer to the city and its nearest surrounding, fusion of countless different places while relying on research and observation.

Nir’s digital works are the outcome of collecting characters, decomposing them, and converting them into the digital world, in which different editing manipulations attempt to connect sources, images, and different layers colliding into one “made” world. The possibility to create in a space free of the limitations of the material, physical weight, shape, and proportion are the charm of this digital tool as opposed to the physical ones.

William Kentridge, James Turrell, Bruce Nauman, Olafur Eliasson,All are artists which have turned the by-product into the main material of their creation, from which Nir draws his inspiration.
In his works, Nir aspires to take the viewer on a journey, one which brings up memories and out of observations on the works that can provide meanings and new contexts for the world.
Nir presents his works in Israel and abroad, in galleries and museums alongside works presented in alternative spaces as well as public spaces.