Omer Ga’ash

Omer Gaash, a multidisciplinary artist born in Israel, now lives in London for his MA in  Expanded Practice Design at the Goldsmiths University of London. 
Omer sees himself as a Photographer and Graphic designer focusing on fine art photography using new media tools.
Omer combines two of his great loves: Graphic design and photography in a unique concept where the human body helps map the environment, he tries to capture both natural and surroundings with the model as part of them. 
Omer’s art is about finding the graphic and technical shapes in a very organic place but also a search for clarity and trying to reflect through his art part of our society- different cultures and different ethnicity.
Connection of the male body, reflection of omer’s homosexuality is present in each of the works, looking to erase signs in order to create new ones, striving to blur the boundaries to discover something new formal and aesthetic.
“Beautiful male body, broken souls with a delicate style, virtuoso movement abilities, all that can keep me on set for hours, also true regarding places that inspire me by being broken, neglected, hidden from the eye or on the contrary very mesmerizing, full of mystery or magical nature landscapes”
The digital process starts after the photoshoot, Omer merges his models into one composition and that allows him to better map and pass on the power a place can have and he would like to experience together with the audience. 
Omer wants people will be able to both admire the beauty of a place and a man but also the context in which these figures are located in that space and to wonder about their life, about what society they are recognized by, reflect upon the history of the place. 
architecture as a field of shapes, lines, and approach inspires Omer Gaash art.
Frank Oh Gary, Norman Foster, Zaha Hadid, and Frank loid Wright, they all big inspirations for him when trying to capture a specific site or body position against space. Those shapes in architecture also transfer to his passion for shapes in which he can always go back with admiration to the work of Saul bass, photographers like Ryan Mcginley, Eduard Muybridge, Bruce Weber, and others’ influence omers art each in its own way for specific reasons. 
Omer Ga'ash creates also brands for cultural organizations, startups, technological companies, and more in some he uses photography and new media as a tool to create his visions. his art exhibited in Tel Aviv, Israel.