Oskar Einsberg

Oskar Einsberg is an intuitive artist from Berlin, Germany. He uses ready-made images and digital brushes. Oskar is an emerging artist who belongs to a new wave of digital artists called ‘image creators,’ his approach influenced by Naive art, and the images themselves inspired by the multicultural people and neighborhoods he grew up in, with a lot of different cultures represented. Oskar was born into an industrial society in Germany with a Hungarian migrant background, which opened his eyes to a lot of struggle inside the system.
Abstract, minimal, and colorful are words used to describe Oskar’s artwork. He uses photographs from the past, often black and white, mixed with colorful, big lines and abstract shapes. There’s a repetition of color: he chooses pink, yellow, and bright blue as his color palette and digital scribble layers over found and self-created photos.
“I really love the abstract work from Rothko or the superb paintings by Henri Rousseau or Modigliani. For sure Malewitsch or artists like Basquiat have a strong influence on my idea of being an artist. However, I try to emancipate myself from these great names and try to make my own unique style while using modern digital techniques. Old photography and urban landscapes flow in my work. I am fishing and reacting to the flood of images in our days. I would describe it as 2D art, mostly on the screen. However, I also do paintings (oil, acryl, chalk).”
Digital art has a special new expression and it can be shared with the world very quickly. Oskar creates 2D art, mostly on the screen, and uses Instagram as his wall. Painting (oil, acrylic, chalk) and graphic design are his backgrounds. In Oskar’s art, like in Naive paintings, “what you see is what you get.” There are no hidden solutions to any riddles.
Oskar Einsberg exhibits his art at galleries around the world and alternative art spaces.