Rotem Gridish

Rotem Gridish is a Tel-Aviv-based artist. She is a multidisciplinary designer caught up between the creation of abstractive beauty and functionality. Her artistic process is pushed by curiosity and discovering why things are what they are—what her feelings are made of and what influences them.
Rotem faces those feelings through art techniques with matter, textures, objects, and light to give them some kind of form, then she composites them to create a scene, traveling between realism and surrealism to create a portrait of her world.
Rotem is very fascinated by light and shadow, how the light hits the matter and how it observes it, how a different temperature and balance of light and shadow can affect the way we see things, the symbolic and psychological side of exposure and what is hidden. In her art, Rotem creates abstract spaces with conflicts of inside and outside. “As a shy person, those conflicts are my everyday struggles—what I'm willing to expose about myself and how much of it I am keeping inside.”
Rotem has roots of influence from great artists like Hockney, Mattise, and Magritte, but in her daily life if she feels something about what she sees, touches, or hears, it may become a part of her work. She says that creating digital art (cinema 4D and Adobe software) “allows you to get wrong more often without fear.” She loves the idea that you can choose your mistakes.
As her own wish in her art, Rotem wants people to get curious about the space they are seeing, to be drawn by the drama, and figure out what they feel. Is it peaceful? Is it disturbing?
Rotem Gridish studied visual communication at Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem, Israel.