Sahar Azimi

Multidisciplinary creator and artist, dancer, performer and choreographer. Sahar Azimi lives and works in Israel.
Art for him is life itself. he sees in his work an act of love and so in situations
of lack arises an artistic need to seek it.
Sahar Azimi is one of the "Gallery Chellouche" artists in Israel and part of the Protective adage group that has been working together in a multi- and inter-disciplinary field for the past 3 years with art activities among mediums that bring the audience together with life questions.
The artistic language and aesthetics of Sahar Azimi is movement, whether it is physical in space, Intimate of the body, in the process of creation or two-dimensional in its result.
The new body of work is based on the investigation of the field of photography versus life on a boat in the Jaffa port and movement of the body. The camera for him is a tool for creating two-dimensional dance when the encounter between nature photography of the sea that is in constant motion - gives birth to a new technique of digital painting  that has a heart and a pulse, one can feel the breath of the Sahar in front of his works like sitting in the front row of a dance performance.
Sahar Azimi's photographic works continue his preoccupation with the endless movement that takes place around us and the focus on details that usually go unnoticed. Most of the photos revealing a hidden occurrence of a world emerging in reflections on water, between skies to the country, a layer that has no tangible physical volume that manages to translate reality in the abstract and fantastic. Free on a kayak in the water, Sahar seeks the angles through which surprising worlds are revealed.
Sahar's works are a reminder of the power of nature and everything we have not yet discovered.
Sahar loves the discovery that lies in digital media and the game that is made possible by telling a story between imagination in reality. he uses phone cameras and changes their basic settings, according to the new media and the digital possibilities allow the discovery of surprising skills and with its help he creates Sensitive and intelligence works of art.
Sahar Azimi creates, presents and performs with dance and performance works in Israel and around the world. Acts as a choreographer since 2000, he is a member of the Choreographers Association and serves as the artistic director of Dance Arena Festival in the Interdisciplinary Arena in Jerusalem. Sahar danced in dance groups, among them Batsheva Ensemble, Noa Der and others, worked with choreographers such as Emanuel Gat, Anat Danieli, Noa Der, Noa Wertheim, and others, won awards including the Minister of Education and Culture Award for Young Choreographers 2005. Served as Artistic Director of the Screen Lifting Festival and the Ensemble of the Jerusalem Academy of Dance served as an artistic advisor to a dance troupe
Inbal and more.