Sara Zaher

Sara Zaher is a visual artist who was born in Cairo, and she is now based in New York (USA) and Sydney (Australia). She's a contemporary artist who works primarily with digital collage, neon, LED, and acrylic sculptures. Her restlessness pushed her to a path of transition in art in places in life-living Beirut, London, Manchester, Sydney, and New York.
She calls it: “Confusion breeds confusion.”
Sara’s art is loud, playful, and subversive while through humor and irony it aims to critique social, political, and cultural narratives.
This feeling of the uncanny and the uncomfortable is projected in her relentless attempt to question, deconstruct, and reassemble existing social frameworks.
Sara contextualizes the creative process by sketching the ideas by hand, initiating experimentation, and materializing the idea digitally. In between, she does digital experimentations and testing out different approaches to reach the final outcome.
Olafur Eliasson, James Turrell, Andy Warhol, and Jenny Holzer are her favorite artists.
Without putting conscious effort and with positive simulation through nature, music, reading, film, or having an engaging conversation with someone, Sara gets her inspiration.
The nature of digital art as being malleable, transformative, and accessible democratizes art and makes it less intimidating. It is slowly transforming the way art has been traditionally viewed, and it opens up the possibilities for expression and representation.
“I want the audience to have a visceral response to my art. I would hope that it is engaging enough to create critical dialogue and discussion. So essentially an immediate emotional response followed by a curiosity to find out more.”
Sara studied Graphic and Media Design (MA-University of the Arts London), combining traditional with fine art practices such as illustration, photography, and visual art.
She has exhibited her work in national and international galleries, art fairs, and exhibitions all over the world and has also created for Adobe, Disney, and Nintendo, among many others while garnering national and international attention through publications.