Shirley Shor

Shirley Shor is a New Media artist. She was born in Israel and lives and works in New York City and Tel Aviv.
Real time is her preferred medium while using custom algorithms to generate changeable visuals. Shor creates real-time computer-generated installations and environments that alter our experience of concepts such as identity, conflict, language, and the passage of time. In this way, her installations turn to 2D visuals which never will be the same thanks to endless units of time.
Shirley believes that everything is connected and so everything can inspire her. It can be something small or complicated and sophisticated ideas. Real-time visuals allow her to reclaim the lost aura of the digital product, since every given moment is unique.
Shirley Shor employs technological processes in the service of larger issues related to human experience and fine art. She wants to challenge the viewer's prejudices about space, time, process, and being
Shirley Shor's work has been exhibited nationally and internationally and is part of many private and public collections in the US and abroad.