Ruben Karpaytan, #TAG (Hashtag) is an Israeli - Aremenian artist and Creator, with Jewish-Christian roots.
#TAG has a unique way of seeing the world and expressing it. His inspiration comes from his empathy for the underdog and using his creations he seeks justice for individuals on the outskirts of society.
#TAG playing with time, he takes atributis from today's world to ancient times using classic art and digital art as his tools.
His nom de plume - Hashtag - tagging, stems from the analogy of everything that’s been happening in social media. Just as a person or brand might be tagged on social media, Hashtag takes this concept a step further, and his work features street events or a unique view on a social issue. His works featured on the outskirts of Tel-Aviv alongside social media. He faces a unique and difficult challenge in trying to capture the passerby’s attention; he has about 1-2 seconds to make that passerby stop, look at his art, and think. Just like a story on Facebook or Instagram. For him, the street is the feed. 
Hashtag often takes the opportunity to describe his art process, either on camera, computer or on stage, putting an emphasis on his world view. #TAG works express his opinion on the influence of social media, on alienation, racism, discrimination, and corruption in modern society.
Hashtag’s work is both figurative and Renaissance-inspired. Both styles are woven with wit and sarcasm to describe the digital world. He is very expressive and cutthroat on various political and social issues.
Hashtag continues to create in the streets of Tel-Aviv with a strong message: There’s no one that can stop us but ourselves!