About Anew

Anew Gallery is an online art gallery featuring global new media artists.
We work in collaboration with our featured artists to showcase limited-edition New Media Ateliers by both upcoming and established artists. 
Our team can professionally curate a collection on your behalf, or you can collaborate with our artists to create signature pieces that will digitally transform to almost any medium you desire. 
We empower you to infuse your space with original art like never before by working at the intersection of design, architecture, and art. Personalize, stylize, and transform any space with authenticated limited-edition or exclusive new media artwork.
Infusing art into any space  
We live in a hybrid world where digital and physical constantly collide, blurring the lines and becoming one. An increasing amount of quality artwork is being created on digital screens with digital tools. 
Anew Gallery brings these modern creations to life, By turning bits into atoms, The intangible becomes tangible. 
Created digitally and manifested physically at any size and on a variety of mediums. From a stunning acrylic glass creation to infusing every element within a space with one-of-a-kind new media art. We achieve this by printing on everything from ceramics to bedding, carpets, leather and textiles, drapes, custom wall coverings, and more. 
Your options are infinite. 
We work in collaboration with state-of-the-art innovators in the field of digital printmaking, to offer you a unique selection of limited-edition prints approved and authenticated by the artist.
We provide interior designers and architects with a new way of designing spaces, for life and work. Homes, public places, restaurants, offices, and more.