We love to collaborate with Interior Designers and Architects!
As creative professionals, you are always searching for innovative ways to stylize and personalize the homes, businesses, and buildings you are working on. Anew gallery represents a groundbreaking artistic language from around the world, the works of art are exclusive and in limited series. Each artist and artwork has their own unique story. The selection of works is exceptional and ranges from quiet and minimalist to kicking and one-off works.
The works are printed on acrylic glass and can be adjusted for you in different sizes depending on the space.
Adding limited edition prints is nothing new to you, so we have added in Anew gallery the possibility to infuse spaces with exclusive original art.
In this new hybrid age, our artists utilize a new set of tools to elevate, beautify, and create a space that is truly unique. Our modern approach connects the world of design, architecture, and art in a manner that great chapel designers used to implement. They didn’t design the space, then furnish and decorate, but approached the project as a whole and timeless work of art. Our artists empower you to do the same!
We live in an age where physical and digital constantly collide, blurring the lines between bits and atoms. Our artists specialize in hybrid new media art and take a modern approach to how you can decorate and furnish spaces with custom pieces.
Created Digitally, Manifested Physically
We have 2 different art curation options for Interior Designers and Architects to add or create inspirational pieces for their projects.
1/ Curation Sessions
Our in-house curators work with you to handpick art from our current original limited collections, based on your client's unique space and needs.
2/ Collaborate To Infuse Art In Your Custom Project
If your client wants infuse art into their design like never before, we have original pieces created for you by one of Anew Gallery’s independent artists.
This goes beyond traditional art to innovative formats including adding one-of-a-kind art to ceramics for kitchens and bathrooms, printing on acrylic glass, glass, glass etching, leather and textiles like: drapes, hotel bedding, carpets, custom wall coverings, and more. Your options are infinite.
We look forward to working with you on your next project.
Reach out to the Anew Gallery Curator Team at:
phone: +972523388980