Dekel Oved (aka Dexamol) is a 3D artist in the post-production industry, who over the last two decades has worked on commercial projects for clients including Coca Cola, McDonalds and Nestle.

Working under the pseudonym Dexamol, his personal practice peers into a world of synthetic nature, where cybernetic animals integrate themselves into our spinal columns, live alongside us in cities or migrate out into traditionally native habitats.

Producing short animations and digital images, Dexamol’s art bypasses engendered dichotomies such as natural vs artificial, real or unreal, presenting a not so distant future where these binaries have collapsed.

In addition to being presented in The Wrong Biennale 2019/20 his work is currently being shown in “Lost and Not Found" at Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam, a charity exhibition in support of Rainforest Trust.