LEARSI (a) - A-B-C

By Sahar Azimi


This digital painting was created by the artist Sahar Azimi.

The game of letters in the name of these works is clear. While keeping the identity of the symbols, the deformation of reality makes our eye and consciousness holding the familiar just to let it go.


Limited edition prints:

- Limited edition of 19 copies printed on acrylic glass 

- Received with a certificate of authenticity

- Printed on acrylic glass 4mm 

- Weight between 3.5kg- 6.5kg / 7.7Ib- 14.3Ib 

* All the artworks are easy and simple installation: Small and thin aluminum frame on the back of the artwork.

* Highest quality possible, vivid colors and full resolution


Shipping Info:

- The artworks are shipped in a box. 

- Free Shipping  (to most locations worldwide)

- Due to Corona Days free Shipping within 21 business days.