By Limor Tamir

This digital painting was created by the artist Limor Tamir.

The unprocessed version of brown sugar, also known as Black Treacle.

Molasses is a viscous product resulting from refining sugarcane or sugar beets into sugar. Molasses varies by amount of sugar, method of extraction, and age of plant. 

Molasses is a defining component of fine commercial brown sugar.

Wondering, collecting, and compiling in the individual and collective memory realms, this time these are memories of sweets.Life experiences are presented as patterns and colors which compile Grotesque characters celebrating the clear yet unresolved notion of day to day life.

The characters are all part of a tribe, yet they stand-alone, central and unique. Laughing and crying at once. Each character was brought up in a different place, giving it the unique hue and twist of the mental location in which they were created, their name derived from the land that nurtured them.

Hybrid, a product of digital collage.

Each work’s name has the name of cuisine or culinary materials.


Limited edition prints:

- Limited edition of 19 copies printed on acrylic glass 

- Received with a certificate of authenticity

- Printed on acrylic glass 4mm 

- Weight between 3.5kg- 6.5kg / 7.7Ib- 14.3Ib 

* All the artworks are easy and simple installation: Small and thin aluminum frame on the back of the artwork.

* Highest quality possible, vivid colors and full resolution


Shipping Info:

- The artworks are shipped in a box. 

- Free Shipping  (to most locations worldwide)

- Due to Corona Days free Shipping within 21 business days.