Tel Aviv

By Flow by Flora .G


This digital painting was created by the artist Flow by Flora. G

Tel Aviv embraces you, loves you sometimes too hard, won't let you go, begs you to come back, and, at times, spits you back angrily in the sea. She is turn after turn a loyal companion, a jealous lover, a caring mother, and just as such, even when she's overbearing, even when she's spoiled and demanding, even when she's hard and vile, no matter how many times you try to leave her, you'll stay, and will give her your youth, your fire, your unconditional love.


Limited edition prints:

- Limited edition of 19 copies printed on acrylic glass 

- Received with a certificate of authenticity

- Printed on acrylic glass 4mm

- Weight between 3.5kg- 6.5kg / 7.7Ib- 14.3Ib

* All the artworks are easy and simple installation: Small and thin aluminum frame on the back of the artwork.

* Highest quality possible, vivid colors and full resolution


Shipping Info:

- The artworks are shipped in a box.

- Free Shipping (to most locations worldwide)

- Due to Corona Days free Shipping within 21 business days.