This digital painting was created by the artist #TAG 

Johannes Vermeer's famous painting "A Girl with a Pearl Earring", here in its updated version. Like any digital device you've heard from time to time getting a version update, the girl figure with a more up-to-date version of an earring - Apple's iPod, which has long since become a fashion and status item and mostly much more than her ears.

Limited edition prints:

- Limited edition of 19 copies printed on Acrylic glass

- Received with a certificate of authenticity

- The acrylic glass is 4 mm thick

- Weight between 3.5kg- 6.5kg / 7.7Ib- 14.3Ib 

* All the artworks are easy and simple installation: Small and thin aluminum frame on the back of the artwork.

* Highest quality possible, vivid colors and full resolution


Shipping Info:

- The artworks are shipped in a box. 

- Free Shipping  (to most locations worldwide)

- Due to Corona Days free Shipping within 21 business days.